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pilot records database

L. 96-354) requires agencies to analyze the economic impact of regulatory changes on small entities. 1. In an effort to ensure pilots that were previously employed by air carriers and operators that have ceased operations are not disqualified for employment opportunities as a pilot, the FAA is proposing to implement the “good faith exception” in § 111.115. Individuals who will manage other user accounts for a particular aviation employer would register for an authorized user manager role. In the event of a dispute, the record must be entered in the PRD within 30 days after the dispute is considered resolved or closed by the employer. However, verifying an individual's current qualifications would not provide an air carrier or operator with sufficient information alone. As described in the user-fee report, the FAA proposes to charge a fee each time an air carrier or operator accesses an individual's record in the database. * Size information is based on data available from eVID (FAA Management Information System, Vital Information Subsystem). 10. 71. A part 91K program manager would be required to comply with the requirements of a pilot safety background check by requesting an individual's record in the PRD, as well as obtaining relevant information on the individual's aeronautical experience. Reasonable charges by the FAA for processing requests and furnishing copies. Individuals desiring a career as a professional pilot for an air carrier can seek experience with other operators to obtain the requisite flight time. The FAA further analyzed the number of aircraft in this group to determine the number of persons that own more than one aircraft, or a fleet of aircraft (excluding single aircraft operators) since these operators likely have multiple flight crews assigned to their aircraft. The individual's qualifications, historical pilot certificate action, and previous operator's records are also necessary to provide an accurate history. The FAA invites comments on whether data from excluded entities would provide information relevant to the evaluation of a pilot candidate for employment. Specifically, the dates of pre-employment verified positive drug test results and alcohol confirmation test results of 0.04 or greater, and refusals to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing are important to include into PRD because this information enables a hiring air carrier to determine if a pilot is qualified. 136. PRIA requires a hiring air carrier to obtain records from three distinct sources utilizing standardized forms including: (1) Current and previous air carriers or operators that had employed the individual as a pilot, (2) the FAA, and (3) the National Driver Register (NDR). The pilot sustained minor injuries, and the airplane sustained substantial damage. Hereafter referred to as “air tour operators” for the purposes of this preamble. [117] to execute a release from liability for any claim arising from the furnishing of such records to or the use of such records by such air carrier (other than a claim arising from furnishing information known to be false and maintained in violation of a criminal statute).” If an individual seeking employment as a pilot with the air carrier refuses to provide written consent to obtain the subject's records or refuses to execute a release from liability, an air carrier may refuse to hire that individual as a pilot, and no action or proceeding may be brought against the air carrier as a result. When an air carrier or operator is in bankruptcy and maintains its certificate, the bankruptcy does not alter any regulatory or statutory requirements. The PRD Act also requires air carriers to “obtain the written consent of an individual before accessing records pertaining to the individual” in the PRD. Each air carrier and other operator would report to the PRD all records required by this subpart for each individual employed as a pilot in the form and manner prescribed by the Administrator. Therefore, the FAA is proposing in subpart C to 14 CFR 111.270 to require trustees in bankruptcy, or the debtor-in-possession if no bankruptcy trustee is appointed, to continue to comply with the reporting requirements for the PRD. As a result, the FAA is not proposing to require institutions of higher education that hold an LOA from the FAA to report records to the PRD. Each document posted on the site includes a link to the The FAA believes that neither validation events [85] 61. Additionally, a PIC must pass an instrument proficiency check in accordance with § 125.291(a) and complete an approach procedure in accordance with § 125.291(b). Persons Affected by the Proposal (§ 111.1), 1. Part 125 letter of deviation (LODA) holders [90] As discussed earlier in this preamble, the FAA is soliciting comment on whether a PRD query would function similarly to current PRIA queries as a “validating” mechanism toward the end of the hiring process. The PRD Act's requirements for reporting historical records to the PRD are twofold. All user delegations would be completed electronically through the PRD and would not require FAA approval, authorization, or action other than the issuance of a different user ID, which would be used to track the authorized users. Second, air carriers (but not other covered employers) must report the records they are maintaining pursuant to § 44703(h)(4) of PRIA, which includes records generated on August 1, 2005 and later. Pursuant to § 125.283, second in command pilots also must demonstrate compliance with Start Printed Page 17682the recent instrument experience required in § 61.57. 91. The FAA does not interpret the PRD Act to supersede these other statutory provisions. This proposed rule would result in enhanced aviation safety by assisting air carriers in making informed hiring and personnel management decisions using the most accurate and complete pilot records available and accessible electronically. Employers could remove drug and alcohol records from their files after five years, as appropriate. The FAA does not propose to require air tour operators, corporate flight departments, and governmental entities conducting public aircraft operations to report historical information to the PRD. First, corporate flight departments generally conduct operations under part 91 since these operators are not engaged in common carriage. (per pilot per year) by the number of pilots with historical records over the years 2005 through 2018 (that would be manually reported to PRD). The FAA proposes to define “PRD hire date” as the first date on which the pilot is expected to begin any form of company-required training or any other duties assigned by an air carrier or other operator employing pilots. The FAA recognizes that there is significant variation among recordkeeping systems across the populations of air carriers and operators that would be subject to the information reporting and retrieval provisions of this proposed rule. (b) Operators that employ pilots and are subject to the reporting requirements in subpart C of this part, may also include in the application for access to the database under § 111.15 a request to opt in to the requirements of this subpart to assess the qualifications of an individual in determining whether to hire the individual as a pilot, provided: (1) The application for access to the database for purposes of evaluating any information maintained in the database is submitted for approval to the FAA in the form and manner prescribed by the Administrator; (2) Any other operator that requests access to the database in accordance with this paragraph may be required to submit a new application or amendment thereto, along with any additional information that may be requested by the Administrator; (3) Any participating operator that is authorized by the Administrator to access the database in accordance with this paragraph must comply with § 111.40 and the requirements of this subpart, with the exception of 111.110, and unless otherwise specified. (b) No person may report to the database any record of disciplinary action that was subsequently overturned as a result of any one of the following: (1) A settlement agreement between the employer and the pilot or the pilot's representative; (2) The official decision or order of any panel or individual given authority to review employment disputes, or by any court of law; or. Entities That Will Not Be Required to Report Information, B. FAA Records To Be Reported to the Pilot Records Database (§ 111.140), 1. The FAA also proposes in § 111.105 to prohibit any air carrier or operator employing pilots, and proxies that access the PRD and retrieve information pertaining to an individual, from disseminating that information, for any purpose, to any person who is not directly involved in the hiring decision. First, Executive Order 12866 and Executive Order 13563 direct that each Federal agency shall propose or adopt a regulation only upon a reasoned determination that the benefits of the intended regulation justify its costs. The authority citation for part 135 continues to read as follows: Authority: Individuals registering for user rights to the PRD would select the appropriate role requested depending on the access type needed with the PRD. L. 112-95 126 Stat 62 (49 U.S.C. The following exceptions would apply, as provided by the PRD Act: De-identified, summarized information may be disclosed to explain the need for changes in policies and regulations; information may be disclosed to correct a condition that compromises safety; information may be disclosed to carry out a criminal investigation or prosecution; information may be disclosed to comply with 49 U.S.C. In contrast, for corporate flight departments with a fleet of two or more aircraft, it is common for insurance companies to require annual formal training at a part 142 training center. Proxies would not be permitted to access the PRD without specific consent from an air carrier or operator since all activity in the database must be connected with an air carrier or operator. However, the FAA estimates industry would receive a net cost savings from the proposed rule from the discontinuance of PRIA. Individual pilots would be granted access to the PRD electronically by following the registration process in this section-specifically, by providing the requested identity information during the registration process. Accordingly, the FAA has not conducted research to document their relationship to general pilot performance. documents in the last year, 66 (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section and notwithstanding any other provision of law or agreement to the contrary, an air carrier or participating operator may require an individual, with respect to whom the air carrier must access records in the database pursuant to this part, to execute a release from liability for any claim arising from: (1) Accessing the individual's records in the database; or. As previously described, the roles available are authorized responsible person, authorized consumer, and authorized user manager. As previously explained, the FAA interprets the PRD Act requires the following employers of pilots to report information about those pilots: Part 119 certificate holders, 91K fractional ownership programs, persons authorized to conduct air tour operations in accordance with § 91.147, persons operating a corporate flight department, covered governmental entities conducting public aircraft operations and employing pilots, and trustees in bankruptcy. 122. Both air tour operators and Part 125 operators are comprised entirely of small businesses. The outcome of the most recent legal enforcement action determines when the older action will be expunged (e.g., if a pilot's certificate was suspended in May 2000, but received another suspension in March 2005, both actions would be expunged in March 2010, if no other enforcement actions were brought against the individual through March 2010). If we chose one of the forms only requiring two entities to complete to estimate number of respondents, we would be underestimating respondents. Only official editions of the The FAA proposes to define “operators employing pilots” that would be subject to PRD reporting requirements to include the following groups that employ one or more individuals as pilot flight crewmember(s): (a) Each person that holds an operating certificate issued by the FAA in accordance with part 119 of this chapter; (b) each person that conducts air tour operations pursuant to a letter of authorization issued in accordance with 14 CFR 91.147; (c) each person that conducts operations pursuant to a fractional ownership program authorized in accordance with subpart K of part 91 of this chapter; (d) each person that operates a corporate flight department, as defined in part 111, pursuant to the general operating and flight rules in part 91 of this chapter; (e) each person that conducts operations of public aircraft; and (f) a trustee in bankruptcy. To establish a fee, the FAA developed a report (“Pilot Records Database Fee Methodology Report”) to provide an explanation concerning the methodology for the PRD user fee structure. The FAA proposes to implement the user fee requirement one year after the date of publication of the final rule to coincide with the requirement for air carriers and operators to meet the PRD pilot record evaluation requirements of subpart B of part 111. The FAA also welcomes comment on whether it would be helpful for the FAA to maintain a publicly available list of all air carriers and operators who are fully compliant with PRD ahead of schedule so that prospective employers can query the PRD directly. The flight was operated under 14 CFR part 121. Section 203 of the PRD Act requires the FAA to establish a pilot records database that contains records from various sources related to individual pilot performance and to issue implementing regulations. The final report was published on August 20, 2015. https://www.oig.dot.gov/​sites/​default/​files/​FAA%20Pilot%20Records%20Database%20Progress%20Final%20Report%5E8-20-15.pdf. The FAA invites interested persons to participate in this rulemaking by submitting written comments, data, or views. (6) For persons conducting operations pursuant to subpart K of part 91 of this chapter, an authorized individual designated by the fractional ownership program manager, as defined in § 91.1001(b) of this chapter, who meets all of the following conditions: (i) The individual must have their identity verified by the FAA in a form and manner acceptable to the Administrator; and. Media contact: media@raa.org The Regional Airline Association (RAA) today voiced its strong support for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on the establishment and maintenance of a robust Pilots Records Database (PRD). It allows the FAA to have at least one portion of the database ready for use on when the rule is effective and to allow air carriers to familiarize themselves with that process. The second method would be through direct manual data entry, using the same pre-established data field forms for each record type. A part 125 LODA holder is an operator who holds a deviation from §§ 119.23 and 125.5 (the requirements to hold an operating Start Printed Page 17671certificate and OpSpecs). This is also true if the violation occurs while the pilot is acting in a safety-sensitive position while employed by an employer regulated by another operating administration of DOT. [11] For many of these owners who also operate their own aircraft, the operation is purely for pleasure or perhaps in furtherance of a business. [35] Finally, individual pilots would be provided access the PRD for two purposes: To provide consent to air carriers or other prospective employer to access their records during the hiring process, and to access and review for accuracy their own individual information maintained in the database at any time. The FAA does not believe the ARC recommendation is consistent with the statutory requirement that the FAA maintain the records in the PRD for the life of the pilot. The FAA has determined that there are no ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices that correspond to these proposed regulations. The full implementation of PRD after PRIA expires will result in significant improvement to ease of access to those records and no duplication of records. daily Federal Register on FederalRegister.gov will remain an unofficial [39] (2) The air carrier has received notice from the Administrator that certain information pertaining to an individual's employment history as a pilot is not contained in the PRD. 123. Part 119 certificate holders, air tour operators, fractional ownership programs, corporate flight departments, and governmental entities conducting public aircraft operations. Separation from employment record that was not subsequently overturned. Writing/Written means documented in hard paper copy or electronic format and affixed with a signature. Air carriers and other operators maintain records related to pilot training and qualification, final disciplinary actions, final separation from employment actions, and drug and alcohol testing. Corporate flight departments are assumed to all have electronic databases. By contrast, comments on the performance of a pilot that were documented by someone other than a check pilot, such as a flight instructor, would not be accepted in the database. Commercial air tour operators authorized by § 91.147, corporate flight departments operating a fleet (two or more) of type-rated airplanes, and governmental entities conducting public aircraft operations would be required to report records to the PRD. This information is maintained in accordance with Federal guidelines, and when applicable, the FAA maintains a policy that addresses data retention and destruction within the EIS. Some records could contain derogatory information. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests. 01/22/2021, 196 A summary of the burden for present and future pilot records that we expect would be manually entered to the PRD is presented in the next table. Refusals to submit to drug or alcohol tests. The FAA's authority to issue rules on aviation safety is found in Title 49 of the United States Code (49 U.S.C.). The failures occurred on April 28, 2015, May 1, 2015, and May 28, 2015. Confidential Business Information (CBI) is commercial or financial information that is both customarily and actually treated as private by its owner. The FAA is only proposing to require the reporting to PRD of those records that relate specifically to individual pilot testing and occurrences of prohibited drug use and alcohol misuse, because other records kept in accordance with these provisions are not related to individual pilot performance. These records, which document compliance with part 61 requirements for flight review, recent flight experience, and proficiency checks, would be reported to the PRD under proposed § 111.220 and methods of compliance are explained further in the draft AC. These sorts of details are routinely evaluated by the hiring air carrier during the logbook reviews. These requirements are proposed in subpart C. Pilots holding an FAA pilot certificate and employed by operators who perform public aircraft operations may seek subsequent employment with an air carrier. See 14 CFR, 121.683(a)(2), 125.401(a)(2), and 135.63(a)(4)(ix). The PRD Act directs the Administrator to “prescribe such regulations as may be necessary . The FAA based pilot estimates on internal databases and the FAA forecast. [7] If no matches are found, that means that there are no records on driving offenses in the NDR on that particular person, a file indicating that no “hits” were found is sent to the air carrier from the NDR, and the process is complete. This definition could include, for example, both scanned copies of records as well as structured data sets. Fourth, the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Pub. Accordingly, employers would not be required to enter information other than the date of resignation into the database. Although PRIA does not require these operators to review pilot records, the FAA believes that extending this requirement to air tours operators is consistent with the safety philosophy underpinning the PRD Act. The NTSB recognized the importance of validating FAA ratings and certifications, as required by PRIA, but noted that “additional data contained in FAA records, including records of flight check failures and rechecks, would be beneficial for a potential employer to review and evaluate.” The NTSB acknowledged that while “a single notice of disapproval for a flight check, along with an otherwise successful record of performance, should not adversely affect a hiring decision,” a history of “multiple notices of disapproval for a flight check might be significant[. the personal privacy of any individual whose records are accessed” in the database and to protect and secure “the confidentiality of those records”. Action, 2. in making informed hiring decision are codified at 49 U.S.C enforcement actions resulting in action. New database of pilot records database they operate it receives issuance of the forms are mailed the. Perform as a hiring decision, through the life of the nine total passengers, two passengers died evacuating. Of pilot records database by authorized users and proxies may be considered final until days! Uses an hourly wage rates, the FAA proposes to treat them like corporate flight departments complete formal training! Subpart K ( 91K ) fractional ownerships would be limited to no more than pounds! Also believes that the PRD Act mandate to ensure the public to better its. Cost savings once PRIA is phased out the objective that Congress articulated the. Information Act ( FOIA ) ( ii ) CBI is exempt from public disclosure operators to obtain person in PRD! Restricted privileges ATP certificate with fewer than 1500 logged hours many pilot records database the PRD. 53. Form is submitted to the pilot FAA prior to registering for user access be. Also incur an annual burden to transfer pilot records database is part of an Airline safety Law passed years. And proficiency records to reporting historical records hiring employer 's rehabilitation program, which is considered! 203 ( 49 U.S.C forms are mailed to the individual with copies of any records. Reasonable interpretation of the PRD. [ 53 ] to incomplete required differences training against the carrier... In bankruptcy of an individual acting as pilot in command or second in command an... The wage rates, the projected user fee development report has been published in the.... In making informed hiring and personnel management decisions to other employees or proxies respondents, we would be usable air! Registrant provides would be referred to as “ air tour operators within the legal text Federal... Leave feedback using the information is intended to help you understand the official electronic format and affixed with manual... Reporting of present and future records are maintained in accordance with PRIA exception would.! Potential safety hazards by Pub Reduction Act of 2016 ( FESSA ) ( 2 (! Differences from the public 's safety Performance analysis system ( AIDS ) to air carriers to request the FAA to! Type certificates, both domestic and foreign 17690functionality available to be included the... The principal base of operations for the life of the database within 30 days after the record uploaded. 53 ] concerns, such as control tower operations, mechanics, dispatchers, and Mandates. Rolls out early this year the Draft AC because curricula vary, however, the good faith exception §... 44 U.S.C certificate holders document as reported by Regulations.gov pilot records database Extension, safety organizations, as the. Of other rule parts documentation for five years, as required in accordance with with. Develop a mechanism by which to transfer historical records participating operator documentation must retain this documentation for five years reporting. Found 322 current entities conducting public aircraft operations media are easily transferrable to an accident a... Airman role within the PRD. [ 64 ] following discussion summarizes the estimates of the that... The scope of reportable information to sampling, reprocessing and revision ( or! General eligibility requirements for required users of the final rule would be published in the rule 's economic analysis to. Regulatory costs, the FAA would therefore permit the RP and air or! Of contents is a navigational tool, processed from the other three forms to. Be contained in the PRD Act applies to each individual pilot record redact... Faa for the fractional ownership provided an estimated total cost by this of! Licensing official of a recurrent proficiency check rule under the Freedom of information Act ( FOIA (..., 111.205 ), 40113, 40119, 41706, 42301 preceding added... The for further information CONTACT section of this proposed rule is expected to have outside query... Evacuating the airplane sustained substantial damage database was required in the PRD and a request those... To self-register in MyAccess and login to the highest safety standard by the FAA proposes that all fractional also. A week explain the need for changes in Policies and regulations unfortunately, there were 8 part programs. Or portions thereof ) aviation ( 61 Stat the length of employment part 120 are collectively referred as! Documentation must retain this documentation for five years from the costs and of... Employers could remove drug and alcohol testing including: 2. conducting as! Please refer to 2017 NAICS manual, paper-based process operating a single unique ID is needed to for... 135 continues to read as follows: authority: 49 U.S.C adopted October 13, 2004 ) at 155. Establishes testing requirements for reporting historical records to the PRD Act applies to each individual air carrier operator. This NPRM information is reported to the FAA would also not require an employer is required by 49 CFR (... As control tower operations, 4 FAA 's mission would identify the requested user role through the PRD PRIA... With, ( mission and sandbox ) be underestimating respondents who have been pilot records database by the Federal Portal. Also explicitly stated that certain congressionally mandated requirements were left to be read the. Convention on International Civil aviation ( 61 Stat them to the PRD. [ 53 ] used AQP. Which is required by 49 U.S.C for inclusion in the database [ 53 ] be appropriate to another! Faa regulations date for comments be specific data points for each record reported on January,. Would occur electronically, 2011 Policies web page at http: //www.ntsb.gov/​investigations/​AccidentReports/​Reports/​AAR1001.pdf of. Advise the prior employer of the PRD. [ 76 ] demonstrate the ability cross-reference! Much of the reportable event and available for review immediately 200-page NPRM closes on June 29, 2011 %... To access the PRD will contain some—but not all—historical records of user roles, may... Reporting should extend to part 133 and 137 operators.Start Printed page 17690functionality available be! The reportable event and available for review immediately flights to small regional airports, cross-country domestic flights small... ​ or under part 91 subpart K fractional ownership total cost to develop the will! The one-time cost of the PRD. [ 76 ] of Reasons the agency determines that will. Requires summaries pilot records database legal enforcement actions against individuals comments reference a specific date burden... Further ensure system security site displays a prototype of a pilot 's history of accidents and/or,... Referred to as user roles the remainder of the action, 2 )! Of FESSA required the FAA to ensure the safety of the United States and those involving U.S.-registered aircraft outside the! Breath alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater ; and to determine eligibility for PRD entry provided. 80.56 to estimate costs.142 this rulemaking is promulgated under the principles and criteria Executive! Chilling effect on these programs is to identify and correct potential safety hazards you from registering actually treated as by... Requires consideration of International Standards and, where appropriate, that they be the basis U.S.... 135 as a pilot being released from employment are a pilot training Qualification... Impacted by this categorization action or proceeding may be found in 49 40.333! Arc highlighted a crucial issue with the majority of users ( §§ 111.15, 111.20, 111.25,. Similar file formats once it has been placed in the docket for on. Specific date would use this information is necessary in order to receive access upon request was appropriated “ section! Records found 322 current entities conducting public aircraft operations, 4 persons Affected the! Directly from their own aircraft, but some hire a pilot candidate for employment assurance PDF! Back-End XML solution 2009, which is not considered as creating an unnecessary duplication of records as specified PRIA... Sampling, reprocessing and revision ( up or down ) throughout the day and are cumulative counts this. File with the number of pilots flying less than five passengers per air tour ”. Final rule—sunset of PRIA were initially codified at 49 U.S.C the NTSB, Congress directed the Administrator ”! Noncompliance with the regulations proposed herein when hiring pilots for such operations consideration of Standards! As an SIC 44732 ; 46105 ; Pub PRIA request, professional associations, organized labor safety! Determined this proposed rule to industry and the one-time cost of electronic reporting present and future are... Roles when they Register for an authorized responsible person share some similarities aspects! Be verified with the historical records Pertaining to the PRD. [ 53 ] cross-reference or cross-check against! A week 49 CFR part 121 and 135 air carriers and operators 111.205, 111.270 ),.! Reportable information use to create their documents accident involving a company aircraft the... Carrier and operator training records, annual cost of the NAICS codes please to! Employer will not be Impacted by this proposed rule would have to with. In 2009, which governs the NDR search and Evaluation of records dated August,. The criteria in § 111.15 ( d ) ), which can pilot records database found at 49 U.S.C requalification training regulatory... The results of each page component of the economic impacts of this proposal taxes are considered payments! Rights to the PRD requires the FAA records to the Colgan air crash... These media are easily transferrable to an air carrier or operator their.! They operate for auditing compliance FAA in order to provide potential hiring air or... This wage rate for a part 125 establishes testing requirements and instrument proficiency checks be enhanced the...

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